Semester is Over

Posted June 24, 2010 by olusikber
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Had the last exam yesterday. So will be writing more.

Currently I’m doing nothing and wondering when Mandriva 2010.1 comes out. I’mĀ  burning a Fedora LiveCD just in case, but still hoping for Mandriva to come out. I’m happy to hear that the company has been saved by investors, but I’ll be even happier when they release something.

I’m using Mandriva 2010.1 Beta 2 Free. I’m happy with it but I’m having issues with the proprietary nvidia driver, and the free driver doesn’t have 3D acceleration. And I badly want 3D to play EDuke and other games.


About Eurovision 2010

Posted May 30, 2010 by olusikber
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I must admit I didn’t watch the final because I had no time last night, and I didn’t vote. I only watched the songs on YouTube a couple of days before the final.

I’m happy that Germany won. Well the lyrics aren’t exactly profound but the song is very fun & memorable and somehow makes me very happy. I also liked Norway, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark and Spain.

Ukraine was awful – it’s probably unknown outside the country but there was a huge scandal because Alyosha won the national contest with a plagiarised song (which was later changed). YES I HATE HER because her voice just makes me sick. BTW Alyosha is a male name.

Got Myself a Last.FM account

Posted May 28, 2010 by olusikber
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But, for some reason, I can’t get any scrobbles from Banshee. And scrobbling from We7 doesn’t seem to work either.

UPDATE: I was stupid. Thought that scrobbling would be enabled automatically in Banshee. Turned it on & everything works!

Tunisian Crochet

Posted May 23, 2010 by olusikber
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Been learning Tunisian (aka Afghan) crochet today. It’s very nice.

It’s simpler than I thought, and makes a fabric that looks&feels VERY cosy and warm. I learned it from a crochet book and some YouTube videos.

What makes me wonder is how English-speaking crafters make simple things very complicated. English/American knitting is one big overcomplication. And those Tunisian crochet videosĀ  also had lots of extra fuss that made the process look very tedious.

Mandriva 2010.1 RC is out!

Posted May 21, 2010 by olusikber
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Yay the RC is available! I’ll sure install it these days (after they update the Errata page) and write what I think…

Weird Glitch in Banshee

Posted May 19, 2010 by olusikber
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I’ve been working with Mandriva 2010.1 Beta 2 (Gnome) since it came out and have enjoyed it very much. I’ve had only one crash (session was terminated & I was thrown out into the login screen) which I couldn’t replicate, plus the issue with nVidia and Mandriva One. Otherwise, everything works surprisingly great.

Now I’ve got a funny glitch in Banshee. The “All albums” picture somehow got substituted by the cover art of a particular album. And I keep seeing that cover no matter where I am in my music collection. I have no idea what caused it and I haven’t really tried fixing it because it isn’t annoying (so far) and because I don’t have any spare time now (too much stuff to do @ university).

Lviv aka Lvov aka Lemberg

Posted May 15, 2010 by olusikber
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Today I came back from Lviv / Lvov / Lemberg (a city in Western Ukraine). The city is supposed to be beautiful & charming & cosy, but it felt kind of claustrophobic because everything is so cramped up and some streets are so narrow there isn’t even any place for trees. Probably that’s why their tram is so small that it looks like a toy tram, really, and normal-sized buses look like giant monsters. It took me a very long time to stop feeling claustrophobic & start appreciating the architecture.

I went to see an opera and the program was in Ukrainian, Polish and very bad English. NO RUSSIAN. They don’t really like Russian-speaking people and sometimes scowl at them rather impolitely. This is very unpleasant because they want their city to be a major tourist attraction so they ought to be tolerant to tourists who don’t speak Ukrainian. By the way, their local dialect is sometimes VERY hard to understand,

I also went to a Vienna-style cafe where they serve a tiny cup of coffee with a tiny glass of water and a tiny cup of cream (yes, in this city everything is very small). I was told that drinking the water before the coffee makes it taste better, but I didn’t really notice. I must admit that I’ve never been to Vienna and can’t say if that is the right Viennese way of drinking coffee.

It’s not that I didn’t like the city. It was nice but not really a city I’d like to live in.