Tunisian Crochet

Been learning Tunisian (aka Afghan) crochet today. It’s very nice.

It’s simpler than I thought, and makes a fabric that looks&feels VERY cosy and warm. I learned it from a crochet book and some YouTube videos.

What makes me wonder is how English-speaking crafters make simple things very complicated. English/American knitting is one big overcomplication. And those Tunisian crochet videos  also had lots of extra fuss that made the process look very tedious.

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2 Comments on “Tunisian Crochet”

  1. calcedonia Says:

    I just learned how to tunisian this month myself. I found it very relaxing. When I first saw the youtube videos some like you said made it more complicated then what is really was… I finished a pillow and I love it.

    • olusikber Says:

      Hi =)
      yes tunisian turned out to be unexpectedly relaxing & fun. I hope your pillow looks and feels great!
      BTW I looked at your website and really liked your designs.

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