Eggs and Vodka VS Shampoo

Posted September 18, 2010 by olusikber
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I figured out I must stop using shampoo. I’m probably allergic to sodium laureth sulfate and it makes my skin peel off in layers 30 minutes after I’ve washed my hair. This doesn’t depend on the brand or price range of the shampoo because all of them contain lots and lots of SLS. The shampoos adverised as “herbal” are still full of SLS and most likely do not contain herbs (at least the ones sold here). I can only wash my hair with Johnson’s Baby (which is much milder than others) and some German baby shampoo which doesn’t contain this SLS. However, they only work in combination with all sorts of herbal stuff I make myself.

So today I decided to ditch shampoo altogether and washed my hair with a mixture of egg yolks, water and vodka. It hasn’t dried yet but feels clean and soft, and the skin feels great too. However, bits of egg white somehow got in and then got cooked right in my hair as I was washing it, lol (but they are easy to comb out).  And the smell isn’t exactly amazing (will go for less yolk and more vodka next time). But it’s better than having an itchy head with a layer of dead skin on top.


This Poem Is Brought to You By the Letter S

Posted August 6, 2010 by olusikber
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This is a poem where all words except for “in”, “the” and “that” start with the letter S

Sorrow sleeps
In solitary spaces
In the soul that still
Seeks soundless paces…

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Back to Mandriva 2010.0 (and my soundcard again)

Posted July 13, 2010 by olusikber
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After working with Mandriva 2010.1 Beta 2  I’m back to 2010.0 .

The main problem was the proprietary nvidia driver which doesn’t work properly under 2010.1 with my GeForce 8600 GTS. Since I need 3D acceleration and am not planning to buy new hardware, I had to revert to 2010.0. Acceleration is much more important for me than msec improvements and all the other nice things in 2010.1. 2010.0 just works for me.

I’ve noticed that you get a slightly different system even when installing from the same CD. In Windows, you get different bugs with every reinstall, in Linux you sometimes get slightly different configurations (esp. in the case of authorisations). This time, I had a lucky install that even supports my weird soundcard and 5.1 out of the box!

A haiku about coffee and my cat

Posted July 2, 2010 by olusikber
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Seaside Coffee

some mozzarella

and a blue cup of coffee

(the cat ate the cheese)

Can I Haz Four Crayons?

Posted July 2, 2010 by olusikber
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If I had only 4 crayons to draw a picture, I would choose…

Because you can draw anything with it and it will look ok
(you can draw a cloud in black but not in green, right?)

Because I like it.

I’ll probably draw a decorative border around the picture and draw in some golden details!

Cherry Red
Because it looks cool with golden.

Learning Japanese!

Posted July 2, 2010 by olusikber
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I have started learning Japanese. For no particular reason. Probably because origami and amigurumi are SOOOO cool. And because I need to improve my visual memory.

Foreigners are supposed to start with katakana but I decided to learn hiragana first because I find it easier to remember. I’ve already gone through the first 4 rows of gojuon. Writing is somewhat tricky because Latin & Cyrillic writing uses a different set of elements (lines at different angles, lines differently curved etc). Starting with katakana supposedly gives you the advantage of recognising and understanding loan words, but hiragana is just simpler. And Japanese words are surprisingly easy to learn. I guess that kanji are the main problem in learning Japanese but I hope I’ll cope with them.

Can’t wait!

Posted July 1, 2010 by olusikber
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3 days till Mandriva 2010.1 comes out!